Saturday, April 09, 2005

Is Not Magazine hits the streets this weekend! I'm so excited - but then you should see Jeremy. Stuart told me that when they first saw the magazine, he doesn't think he's heard Jeremy say "Oh my god!" quite so many times in a row. It looks so amazing - the printers have done a great job. The other night I was lying on the floor just looking at it on the wall and thinking to myself, Paris Hilton style - "That's hot!"

So it's time for the launch. We have decided to combine the traditional stand-around, wine-and-cheese, speech!speech! sort of launch with a monster party. Moscow Schoolboy, winners of the recent Australian Music Week Battle of the Bands, will be doing a live set, fresh from their sojourn in Texas and New York. Cut Copy will DJ, ably supported by Blingrid, Jason Evans and Jables. VJ Keith Deverell will remix the magazine live.

Good news for all those who've been wondering how they can get their paws on Is Not Magazine - you can subscribe on the night. A 12 month subscription is only $50, and gets you six issues of the magazine, plus free entry to all our plentiful events. Considering each issue retails at $20, you'd have to be craaaazy to decline! Plus, we have no advertising and are completely self-funded. Please don't make us have more cake stalls - I don't know how many more cupcakes Melbourne's arts-friendly community can eat!

DATE Wednesday 13 April
AT Loop, 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne
TIME 8pm til laaaaate

I will be a little late because of a certain Comedy Festival show which I may have mentioned. But if you want to see what the fuss is about, rock up and rock out.

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