Friday, April 15, 2005

With two performances to go, I have my first Comedy Festival review. Check it out here. I think it's mostly positive, although I was a little disappointed that most of it went on explaining the concept of the character. It doesn't really tell you what the show is like or whether I am skilled as a performer - you know, the kind of things that people look for in reviews to tell them whether to go and see it. Although of course I can assure you that the show is brilliantly witty and that I am preternaturally gifted - especially at shaking my arse. And I wish she had mentioned how much she laughed. She laughed a lot.
"I laughed so hard I thought I'd need to duck into Bettina Liano to pick up some new pants."
- Helen Razer, The Age.
That's the kind of thing I was after. Seriously though, it's very hard to pick out quotes to use on future Incredible Melk publicity (should I do anything in the future with this character, which I am increasingly thinking I won't. But my comprehensive disheartenment deserves another post, and not on this blog.) At first glance, here are my favourite quotes:
"Pinkly magnificent in a postage stamp of shiny cloth, The Incredible Melk dazzles"

"With an uncompromising blondeness, this MC makes no apologies as she pokes fun at both the emptiness of corporate culture and the hypocrisy of hip-hop."

"...a confusing delight."

So people, you've got two more chances to catch this show - Saturday and Sunday, at 7pm, at Tony Starr's Kitten Club.

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