Saturday, June 25, 2005

History has been made. This morning I awoke to sunlight streaming across my bed. I wished you were there with your ridiculous hair. More precisely, I wished to roll over, encounter a rapidly cooling patch where you'd recently been, and just as I was working myself up to feeling disappointed that you'd nicked off without waking me, you'd come in bearing two steaming cups of tea and the weekend papers.

Thankfully, the steam rising from the tea would hide the smirk you couldn't suppress when you saw me half-sitting-up, my face all pillow-creased and perplexed. We'd drink our tea and read the paper in bed, which I never normally do, and I would point out little interesting stories, like at UWA they've actually done research to prove the theory that Eurasian people are really really ridiculously good looking.

But I read the papers by myself at Penny's work instead. Penny has spent years trying to make me work there, and I have spent years replying that this was a very bad idea. I gave the following reasons:

1. I am very, very lazy and tire easily.
2. I have an intense dislike for cleaning.
3. I have shaky hands and weak wrists, and am very bad at carrying drinks and plates.
4. I find it hard to hide my feelings and thus am not very good at kissing customers' arses.
5. I am bad at remembering orders.
6. Other of her friends have worked there in the past, and set standards of incompetence which I am highly likely to surpass.

However, today I found myself working at Penny's work for almost two hours. This is the historic occasion to which I refer. There were definitely shades of The Nanny to it - I had style, I had flair, I was there.

It will never happen again.

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