Sunday, June 12, 2005


Mel's comic strip tease. Stuart designed the program for the Holy Men in Tights! superheroes conference at Melbourne University, which I attended this weekend. The program looks like a comic book, complete with panels and onomatopoeic "Krakkk!"s and "Aieieieie!"s. There were some blank pages in the back for notes, and I drew this comic strip on Friday during a mind-numbingly boring session. (Click to enlarge.)

It was so bad that Christian said to me, "I can't take any more of this!' and left during the second paper. I am not one of those ruthless/busy/carefree people who goes to conferences and only ends up attending half the sessions. I have this compulsion to get my money's worth - particularly spastic in this case as I got to go to the conference for free - that leads to me doggedly going to every session and drinking my weight in free booze. Oh my god, I drank so much last night.

When Christian came back in time for the fourth paper (by the always sardonically excellent Martyn Pedler), I had drawn three frames already. Later that night, Mark paid me a supreme compliment by refusing to believe I'd drawn it myself. (Okay, he was drunk at the time.)

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