Thursday, June 02, 2005

Something that occurred to me. At my work we have cable TV, for the news, natch. Oh, we were all glued to the live telecast of Graham Kennedy's funeral. It was really quite moving, especially when the congregation had to sing the old Chum dog food jingle (or at least that's where I remember it from!), and Noeline Brown didn't know the words so she had to read off her program like people do at weddings when they don't know the hymns:

Being a chum is fun
That is why I'm one
Always smiling, always gay
Chummy at work and chummy at play
Laugh away your worries
Don't be sad or glum
And everyone will know that you're a chum, chum, chum

As the MC said immediately afterwards to riotous laughter, "They don't write songs like that anymore." But there was another thing that occurred to me...

Toni Lamond and Daryl Somers at Graham Kennedy's funeral.

Nelly and Christina Aguilera in the "Tilt Ya Head Back" video.

I couldn't find any pictures of Lamond performing at the funeral, but she was definitely wearing some kind of black do-rag under the fedora. What a hip woman she is. Or as Jeremy ludicrously attempts to claim is widespread among New York hipsters, she is "deck".

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