Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Vin Rouge rides again. I met up with my mercurial friend Vin Rouge again tonight. I haven't drunk anything since last Tuesday's farewell drinks at work, so perhaps Vin had more of an effect on me than usual. Two glasses, and I have that warm, voluptuous feeling. The sort that makes you want to lie on your bed, in the dark, and think about ... things.

Vin makes me restless and impatient. He makes me want to call people and say ... things. Speaking of which, I had a drunken phone call last night at 11pm. It was Saige wanting me to do karaoke with her. I might have, except I had half-promised to do karaoke with Shane on Thursday. Why, that's tomorrow! I was going to finish that fucking mannequin article tonight, except that Vin has knocked me for six and I should just call it a night. And think about ... things.

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