Monday, August 15, 2005

My birthday - Fuck yeah!

Today is my birthday! Miaow!

As a joke yesterday, someone asked if there was an official application form for organising Epic Birthday Week affiliated events, and so I did one up. I can send it to anyone who wishes to stage an affiliated event. I am actually serious about people organising things for my birthday. I am free during the day tomorrow (Tuesday) before 7pm and in the evening from about 9:30pm, and all day and night on Wednesday. Here are the affiliated events so far:

1. Karaoke at Sen Bar (1am Sunday)

I would never have chosen to go to Sen Bar, and I won't be going there again. But it was fun. Jason Evans nearly got us kicked out for telling the DJ not to sing along when he did "Hey Jude". There were bargain basement versions of Bobo from Fat Pizza and Belvedere from Bert.

At one point, I said to Tash, "Hey look - there are some hipsters!"
Tash looked pityingly at me and said, "Mel, in here we're the hipsters."

2. KFC Swanston Street (5am Sunday)

In the queue, an Irish guy asked us for the location of the nearest off-licence. We asked if he worked for An Post.
"No," he said. "Why?"
Drunkenly, we slipped into shonky Irish accents. "Oh, ye look like an Irish Postie," said Tash.
"A fearsome band are the Irish posties," I added.
"No they're not," he said.

3. Coffee, Lunch and DVDs with Tash and Emah (today, 11:30am - 6:30pm)

We watched Team America: World Police because Tash and Emah were so astounded that I had not seen it. I found it very amusing. I liked the panther scene very much. Then Tash made us a green curry. Then we ate chocolate and watched Suddenly Thirty, which Tash and Emah had not seen. We liked it very much, especially the "Thriller" dance scene which we vowed to recreate. We fought over who was going to New York to marry Mark Ruffalo, but Tash said she had first dibs. Emah said she would marry Clive Owen instead, which left me the slops of marrying Owen Wilson. (In a marital aside, I can't decide if it would be good or bad to marry someone whose surname is Slutskin.)

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