Monday, August 01, 2005

No anchovies or olives, thanks. At my parents' leafy abode recently, I was flicking through a copy of the Melbourne Weekly, and couldn't help reading an article about this neo-natal psychiatrist who has written a book on sex after childbirth. I was particularly taken by one thing he said:
"In Sex and Intimacy After Childbirth, Snellen takes a swipe at those who view sex as a "need" like food, water and sleep. "If you consider sex to be a privilege and you put in the effort to deserve it, it's much more likely it will come your way. If you lie on the couch waiting for it to be delivered like a take-away dinner, you won't always get the pizza you ordered. And if you do, it may be thin on anchovies and olives."
Perhaps this just appealed to me because I ate pizza for both Saturday and Sunday dinner. Also, in an aside that completely muddies these analogical waters, anchovies and olives are the two things I hate most on pizza. But I am just glad to hear someone else voice my opinion that sex is a privilege.

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