Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ask Judy Blume. Generations of children have relied on Judy Blume to articulate their experiences of puberty, their moral dilemmas, and the keen humiliations of love and sex. And even though ostensibly I'm grown up, I think she has a lot to offer the manchildren and babywomen whom I call my friends and acquaintances. (She also has one of the shonkiest-looking websites on the internet.)

Issue Four of Is Not Magazine is the "Young Is/Not Free" edition, and I'm editing the letters page. Basically, we're going to answer your anguished questions in a column called "Ask Judy Blume". Why won't he or she love you back? Are you too shy or ugly? Why can't your parents let you make your own choices? Why are your friends being so mean? Is it wrong to spend all day and night touching yourself...there?

It doesn't matter whether you're fat, wearing a back brace, moving away from your friends or giving your penis a really naff name. Email your questions to Is Not Magazine and we'll publish them anonymously, along with Judy's answers, in Issue 4, due for release on 8 October.

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