Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Don't lag to the screws or I'll shiv ya in the laundry! It's International Talk Like a Jailbird Day! That's right. Ray-trace ventured in the comments to yesterday's entry that pirates might be on the way out, and whatever would replace them? Well, what's a violent group of people with a long and colourful history? Which group has gradually become romanticised, sexualised, depoliticised and aestheticised so that their continued existence right under our noses no longer poses us moral difficulties? Well, in a word, prisoners.

Damn straight, Michel! Look at how convict origins have become almost a pedigree in Australia. (Glen, you are our prince!) Look at the rise and rise of Chopper Read. Look at the critical acclaim of gritty TV dramas Bad Girls and Oz. Look at the media interest in Melbourne's gangland wars. It's only a matter of time before hipsters start holding Prisoner: Cell Block H parties. I mean, they already have hair that looks like a mean bitch attacked them with scissors, crude tattoos and pants that fall off because they have no belts.

Now for the Google Image Search:

I'll take the top bunk, thanks.

Stripes are going to be huge next season.

Gah, it's happening already!

The stocks will doubtless be a hit at the next Vice party.

Le Freak, c'est chic!

And the kiddies can get into the prisoner spirit, too!

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