Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Northern exposure. I have not had time to blog much lately. Mostly this is because I wrote a big long post about the crazy lady in the Chinese restaurant who tried to tell Amanda to keep her voice down, and then Blogger ate it. Plus I've had to get a lot of magazine editing and such-like done because this weekend is our layout weekend, but Penny, Tash and I will be going to Newcastle first thing tomorrow for This Is Not Art, and thence I will be heading to Sydney, where my friend Lynda is getting married and I am going to be a broidsmaid!

I am lucky. The dress is very tasteful and my mother would undoubtedly approve. It's a rose-pink bias-cut cocktail dress with a cowl neckline, and little rose-pink beads scattered down the front. Then there are the shoes. I have been whingeing for months about the awful shoes that one of the other broidsmaids decreed we wear, but I finally found a picture of them so you can see that they are not only very daggy, but have cruel thin straps that make my foot look like a trussed-up ham and would no doubt cause hideous wounds over the day:

I couldn't find an online image of the shoes I will be wearing, but if you imagine them a dark silver colour, with a plain thing across the foot instead of the dumb triangular pieces, they look sort of like this:

Anyway, while in Sydney I will be doing all sorts of embarrassing touristy things, as well as generally having a holiday: sinking some piss, doing some shopping, catching up with people. (Please leave suggestions for what I should do in the comments.) I am really looking forward to getting out of town, as during my darker days over the last month I fantasised about jumping in my car and driving somewhere and not telling anyone where I was.

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