Friday, October 28, 2005

Mmmrrrrggghhhhhh! Please do come along to Is Not Magazine's Halloween party on Monday. It's Cup Eve, so most people except my dear ex-workmates at the Crider will have the next day off.

Last night we shot some footage for Keith, the VJ, to use on the night. A bunch of us went to the Domain, where we put shitloads of talcum powder on our faces and shambled around, moaning, while Keith videoed us through a cloud of dry ice and jiggled torches over us in a Blair Witch Project style. I couldn't see what most other people were doing, but Clare had the most wonderfully Romero line in staring at the sky while dragging one foot behind her. When we got close to the camera we started snarling and stretching out our arms as if scenting braaaaaaiiiiiiins! The hard part was not cracking up, which I definitely did at points. Keith was doing a tracking shot at one stage, and we were so busy moaning and shambling that we couldn't warn him he was about to back into a parked car, so there may also be a great shot of the camera going arse over tit as if we had attacked him.

I also played the 'human victim': a ludicrous scenario which involved me sitting on a park bench (in the middle of the night?) reading the paper, not noticing a bunch of zombies creeping up behind me. I scream in a satisfyingly cheesy manner, holding my hands up by my face. I take ages to actually move, because the zombies are so slow-moving that any normal person could outrun them. Then I run into a little colonnaded monument and hide in there, not noticing a vampire waiting for me. Then I get attacked by the vampire, and then it's stacks on with all the zombies as well.

We did three takes of my death scene. There was one take where I did the wrestling thing of pounding my hand repeatedly on the ground when I was down. (I had learned this from Roland Barthes' essay about the semiotics of pro wrestling.) The last take was ludicrous because I actually ended up falling on top of the vampire and pinning her to the ground. Nicole apologised for grabbing my boob, but to be honest, people were grabbing me everywhere. A few zombies got a little carried away with the biting. In one take, I can clearly be seen mouthing, "Someone actually bit me!"

So you should totally come to the party, if only to see the hammy footage that will result from the evening.

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