Monday, October 17, 2005

We'll have a gay old time! On Saturday night I went to the Bite party. When I got there it was around 2am and the place was packed. When I left it was around 5:30am and there were still about 30 people dancing. And I was very upset at the number of girl-on-boy hook-ups I had witnessed.

I was trying to work out what was upsetting me. At first I was getting all indignant about straight couples being uninhibited about public sexual behaviour because of this carnivalesque, permissive queer atmosphere. Then I was thinking I shouldn't impose my heteronormative judgements on people. If, for example, you are a girl and you think a boy is hot, nothing should stop you from pashing him. Not even the fact that you are usually attracted to other girls. And an infinite number of possible vices versa.

Now I think the real answer is much more banal. I was just thinking, "Fuck, of all the people here, at least one of 'em ought to have tried to pick me up! Oh, I am universally unattractive!"

Following my musings below on the nature of friendship, and more sparked by the article linked to in the comments on that post, I am feeling very conflicted and confused about love, sex, friendship and intimacy. (Stay tuned for a post on my latest shonky pseudo-ethnographic field research.) I think I am falling in love with one person, plus I want to shag at least two other people (really bad!), plus my friendships with several others are deepening and becoming clearer in various ways. Today has been a real write-off as I am a bundle of giddy thoughts and visceral desires.

Hey also, good news! My hipster paper has been accepted to the CSAA conference in Sydney. So expect to read a lot more about my thoughts on hipsters over the next month.

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