Monday, October 10, 2005

What are you doing this Friday? May I suggest this:

Yes, it's time to launch Is Not Magazine Issue 4, "Young Is/Not Free". And seeing as we are having a monster Halloween party, which you should all get very excited about and book your flights now if you don't live in Melbourne, the issue launch is going to be a one-night-only art exhibition entitled A-Zero. Gawk at and buy ginormous signed art posters created by talented people including Lyndal Walker, Paul Davis, Tai Snaith, Lachlan Conn, Robert Cook, Dave Smith, and many more!

And being an Is Not party, there will also be liquor - plenty of dirt cheap liquor. Tash is threatening to make things classy by purchasing cheese. There will be a scorching DJ lineup and the live stylings of Hot Little Hands, who are a catchy and really really ridiculously good-looking band.

Second floor, Curtin House (Swanston Street, same building as Cookie and Metropolis)
This Friday!
6pm - 11pm. There may be an official after party. I was toying with the idea of going to see Disco D play records about dicks and pussies at Honkytonks.
How much?
Oh, only a gold coin donation! Remember, the magazine survives on these events. As for the prints, they range in price.

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