Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Why do superstar DJs always seem to have such stupid names? Right now I'm at my parents' house listening to my brother miT DJing what I suppose would be called breaks. He was playing Peaches and Le Tigre before, but now it's some random thumpy tracks with British-accented men shouting over the top. Oh, that's Gorillaz.

Anyway, I have been wondering afresh why superstar DJs have to have such embarrassing names. There are posters up everywhere right now for John Digweed, whose surname makes me laugh. I wonder if Digweed was picked on at school and said to himelf, back in the safety of his bedroom, "I'll show them! I'll become a superstar DJ with mad skillz!" But he is still called John Digweed.

He's not the only one, either. What about Carl Cox? Dave Seaman? Paul Van Dyk? (What a lovely triple-bill that would be!)

What about architects? I still find the name Walter Gropius funny - he's like an X-Men villain. Surely the poorly controlled peeps will put their two cents in here.

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