Thursday, January 26, 2006

From the cakehole of Courier. Last night I was watching the tennis on TV, which proved unexpectedly amusing. It was a match between Roger Federer and a weedy-looking dude called Nicolay Davydenko. At one point, Federer was poking with his racquet at something on the court, which was revealed to be a large bug of some sort. A ballboy who looked about ten picked it up with his fingers and carried it away, to thunderous applause. At another point, I observed that Federer should have personalised notepaper that says at the top: "From the Forehand of Federer".

I didn't see the end of the game, but apparently Davydenko "choked" and "squandered a glorious Grand Slam opportunity". Pretty harsh, Herald Sun. The chief amusement, however, came from commentator Jim Courier, who before this night had only a dim presence in my memory as a tall American Fantapants with a 'big serve', who had achieved some tennis success in the mid-90s.

Courier scores 'love all' at some New York social event.

I can't believe what a retarded commentator he is. Courier made perhaps the lamest and least incisive observations I've ever heard. A few that I can recall were:

"And the look on Davydenko's face - that's sheer terror." (Courier is psychic.)
"Federer's last shot was very Swiss." (They should bring up a Swissness graph on the screen.)
"Tennis is all about being better than your opponent." (And so is every other sport.)

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