Saturday, January 14, 2006

Lame celebrity crush ahoy! Yeah, so I got this email today regarding a very important matter: namely, the lamest site on the internet. It gives you the option to see which celebrities are most compatible with you, based on 'biorhythms' (aka: your birthday), or to check your compatibility with your favourite celebrity.

So I thought I'd see who it would match me up with, and I was aghast to discover I have a 99% compatibility with Lleyton Hewitt!! Yowza!

But of course, as any reader of this blog will know, I nurture a longstanding crush on another man... a certain approachably sexy man... So I wasn't going to take this Lleyton Hewitt nonsense sitting down. I was going to go straight to the source and find out my compatibility with Mark Ruffalo!

Well, crap about the physical. (In other good news, I have a 96% physical compatibility with Tobey Maguire - who's surprised!!) But how's about that emotional compatibility! Mark and I would perhaps go for long walks along the beach, run towards each other through cornfields, and loll on a bearskin rug before a roaring fire sharing our deepest feelings, like whether he feels manly or perverted if he grows a moustache, whether we were wrong to go that extra helping of dessert when we weren't really hungry, we just liked the taste, and whether we should overcome our poor physical compatibility and make wild animal love.

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