Monday, February 27, 2006


I think I am broken. I found the above images while googling "fucked in the head". Also, I totally didn't learn from my brush with the Bagel O' Doom and ate a "breakfast roll" from Arcadia this morning that was absolutely scrumptious but played havoc with my digestion. I feel quite sad today, especially as I have now missed The Biggest Loser and so tonight offers nothing for me - nothing! Except if I call someone to ask if I can hang out with them and they don't answer and then text me that they are going to the gig of some hip rock band instead.

Natalya and I have invented a wonderful new television show called Law & Order: Hot Cops. I would pitch it to the network execs as "Law & Order meets Arrested Development meets Sex and the City in an unholy mash-up of street justice and male stripping". It centres around Gob from Arrested Development, when he was a stripper. He and his fellow strippers would form an elite squad known as the Hot Cops, and they would go around solving relationship crimes and interrogating suspects in a relentless spectacle of flesh and velcro.

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