Thursday, February 16, 2006

Panda love! I am very proud of my valentines and would like to display them here, but that would be discourteous to the people for whom I did them specially. But I would like to recount an episode of panda love that occurred between me and Natalya.

You see, we enjoy playing that game that goes under a variety of different names, but my favourite name is "Death Is Not An Option", in which you make your friends pick who to fuck out of two equally grotesque public figures. Natalya and I were playing this game around the time Kerry Packer died, when she started laughing hysterically and saying, "Kerry Packer or a panda?" She was of course referring to the Simpsons episode in which Mr Burns recruits Homer as his 'prank monkey'. Homer trips over and inadvertently 'presents' to the panda in the zoo while dressed in a panda suit. ("I may be naked and reeking of panda love, but I still have my dignity".) After this, we have become slightly obsessed with the concept of 'presenting'.

So now you have the context, here is my valentine to Natalya:

She wasted no time getting on the computer and Photoshopping up a response:

Can you feel the love in our house?

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