Sunday, March 19, 2006

I wish I had a camera phone. Because then I could capture the incidents that thrill and amuse me, so you would know what it is like living in my world. Perhaps I could also make money from these incidents, too, so that I wouldn't need to decide whether to use the $431 I have until March 29 to pay the insurance company ($200), Tash's mum ($100), my rent ($430), or my mobile bill ($50) and other household bills. Oh yeah, then there's eating and drinking. Buying tram tickets and going to academic conferences in Sydney, obviously, is out of the question. So forget all that crap I wrote about Max Martin.

But anyway. Things always look better after a cup of tea, right? So I went upstairs just now to make one, and right in the centre of the top step, contrasting beautifully with the red carpet, sat a little grey mouse.

Of course I uttered a very feminine squeak when I saw the mouse. Regular readers of this blog may recall the Mouse Incidents of 2005. But unlike the athletic mouse of April 2005, this mouse was lethargic. I checked, and it was breathing, but its eyes were half-closed and its body looked weird and lumpy instead of smooth and fluffy. It also had a hole in one of its ears. I wish I had a camera phone so I could photograph it.

I wonder if it's still there. (After checking) Yes. It is. Its breathing is quite shallow and laboured. It is obviously not in a good way. I am not sure what to do.

I wonder what the others will do when they see it. I predict that Tash will squeal, Nicole will raise her eyebrows, Penny will say repeatedly, "Oh my god, oh my god," and Jeremy will say, "Jesus!" I predict that Stuart will be unperturbed, and will probably be the one to do something about the mouse, with the gentle precision he brings to everything he does.


Lucy uttered a gratifying shuddery gasp, but told me that it was only because she had mistaken the mouse for a spider. Tash came in the other entrance so she did not see the mouse. Nicole was absent. Penny had eaten a bad sausage at lunchtime and was not in the mood to care about mice. Jeremy said, "Oh my god!" with a mouthful of Simpsons hot-dog-shaped Twisties. He also suggested we put the mouse "somewhere cool", which led to amusing retorts about taking it to Shake Some Action. Stuart looked at the mouse for a long time at close range, and said things like, "Poor little thing. He doesn't look very well." But it was Sam who acted, making a kind of mouse scoop out of paper and then taking the mouse outside, where, presumably, it died in a grassy environment. Or was eaten by birds or cats.

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