Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Y'all fare evade now, y'hear? So I got this fare evasion fine in the mail yesterday. I am wondering if I can refuse to pay the fine until they give me back the ticket that they confiscated as 'evidence' of my 'offence'. It had seven two-hour tickets left on it. That's at least a couple of months' travel. Also, I wonder if I can contest it on the grounds that my middle name is "Lucette" and not, as they state, "Lulette".

But you know I am posting about this because I am secretly glad to have been unmasked as the KFC: the Kentucky Fare-evading Chick. That's right, y'all - your girl Lulette is 100% pure Appalachian; all jugs, banjos and moonshine. I am not quite sure where to go with this gag right now, but for sure y'all haven't heard the last of Lulette. Yee-haw!

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