Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Further to Naff Dance Face... I have been thinking about this some more, and thinking that it is almost better to look utterly hammered or to be making a stupid face than to be caught out doing Naff Dance Face. Here are some more examples from the Opulent party that are not Naff Dance Face.

Isn't he adorable! And not naff, even though he is a white boy wearing a backwards cap and a big fuck-off gold chain.

This is the look I aim for but never quite achieve on the dance floor: a kind of decorous disinterest in proceedings. However the makeup does look very fierce. I have one word for you: ah-lah-nah.

Now she is obviously shitfaced, but you can tell that she is enjoying herself. This is the dancefloor look I end up with more regularly. When I am not attempting to look jaunty, that is. Oh, speaking of jaunty, I'm about to go over and update Jaunty Crap. Why not follow me over there; it's a delightful place.

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