Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Rrrrawrawrwwwrrrr! Don't you think that sound effect of a big cat roaring is just about the most awesome thing ever? It has very little to do with any actual roar - it is some sound effect - you totally know the one - that goes "Row-row-rowwwrwrwrwrrr!" It is the noise that Sex Panther cologne makes in the movie Anchorman.

Of course I did some investigating, and found this site which lists all sorts of big cat noises. The one I am thinking of is called "cougar.wav". It is awesome. I have played it about a billion times in a row now, and each time I feel my spirits rising and my entire being filled with the awesome ultimate power of the Mighty Roaring Cougar. I wonder how I could make that noise play every time someone loaded this blog. I wonder how I could somehow integrate it into Eye of the Tiger (even though it is a cougar noise) so that the main riff of the song went, "Row! Rowww-rrrow-rrowrrw! Row-row-rrrrowrowr! Row-row-rrrrrowrrww!" What a song of sheer animal muscularity that would be.

Now if I were in a contemplative mood, perhaps I would muse on the affective registers invoked by this sound, its implications in various anthropomorphic traditions, and its diegetic and non-diegetic use in contemporary cinema (wouldn't that be an excellent paper to attempt to submit to the journal Music, Sound and the Moving Image?), but its raw energy has put me into a sort of feline trance, and I wish I had a camera so I could take some awesome photos of myself prancing round the office with my teeth bared and my hands spazzed into claws, shaking my mane and making this noise repeatedly and generally justifying the poor impression we have left on our fellow tenants here at the Arts Precinct.

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