Monday, June 12, 2006

I am now certain that Danielle from Big Brother works at Supre. I had believed this from the moment she was introduced as working in "fashion retail" and then entered the house wearing one of those very trendy gold pleather 'waist belts' that are everywhere right now.

And then during the show I was all, "I recognise that garment! And that! And I think I own that top... except in a different print."

But the clincher was that when Danielle was evicted last night, she was wearing the same belt like this:

Nothing says "I work at Supre" like strange and innovative ways of styling garments. As Natalya said, they probably hold staff workshops on this. Personally I think it would look better over a looser top and on someone with larger boobs, as the belt would sort of nestle in the cleavage rather than sit awkwardly over the loaf-like bosom created by that too-small boob tube.

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