Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This Friday night, everybody cut footloose ... with the yeti. (Jeremy in a yeti suit.)

(Click to enlarge)

The Public Office has recently opened a new bar in the space previously occupied by Six Degrees Architects, which is definitely worth checking out. We will be transforming the venue into a winter wonderland, which means that I will be spending hours making dodgy papier-mache stalactites and cutting snowflakes out of bits of paper. There will be projections of famous dance movies, so Jellyfish can do her pas de deux with Kevin Bacon. We are also working on obtaining fires in 40 gallon drums, hobo style, on the roof, so you can toast marshmallows.

And there will be dancing in all its many guises, naff and otherwise. There are some amazing swing dancers coming to do their thing with the Pearly Shells, some disco dancers shaking their groove thing on podiums, and two all-girl breakdancing crews facing off in an epic battle. And did I mention Jeremy in a yeti suit?

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