Monday, July 31, 2006

Disaster! They are now using photo bylines at the SMH! But as I have lamented here before, all the pictures I have of myself are disgraceful and I am usually drunk or wearing a 'get-up', or both. I wish I had a stock "fem journo does wry coquette" photo of myself:

It is particularly ironic that the story I have just written for them is about online photos, but B.Ro tactfully didn't mention this. He said that unless I gave them a photo, he would use this one:


So I cropped down an old Incredible Melk photo. I had to crop it down to head and shoulders, because in a kind of Benita-from-Play School-at-the-Logies way, you can sort of see my nipple through the top I am wearing. Plus I have a dreadful smug look on my face. Still, I am sober. Here is the photo:

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