Monday, July 17, 2006

So I wrote this story for the EG. So I busted my arse to get it in by last Monday, because that was the deadline the editor had given me in order to run it in last Friday's paper. Then when I handed in the story and didn't hear from her, I emailed to check and she was all, "Oh yeah, I got it, I'll read it at the end of the week". I was all, "But... but you'll have to read it sooner if it's going to run on Friday... oh."

And so today I emailed her saying, "Listen, you'd better publish this thing this week because Cuizinier is playing Opulent and I tied it into the story..." And then she tells me that she liked the article but the turnaround is too short and she can't run it -- when's the next party, maybe she'll run it then?

I am devastated. Mainly because Evet and Will were so excited about this story, and I have to tell them that I've let them down. I make a point of being professional, meeting deadlines and doing the right thing by interviewees. I am so angry because I did everything right and now I'm the one who looks like a dickhead. Also, the cold that has been hanging over my head for the last few weeks has finally hit and I feel terrible. I just want to lock myself in my room and cry. Also, I'm wearing a black and white striped t-shirt and my hair is hanging in my eyes and my mom and dad never understood me. Boooo-hooooo! Boooo-hooooo!

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