Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Birthday text messages. My phone can only store ten text messages at once, so I am recording the messages I received here so I don't lose them. I've updated this post with all the text messages I received on this, the sad occasion of my 29th birthday. On the upside, it is only four more years until my "Jesus Birthday" party, to which everyone has to come as their favourite religious figure.

From Tash:
Melski! Happy b'day! I wanted to write you a b'day poem but the only rhymes I could come up with were smell and poo... Have a lovely day! X

From Emah:
Happy bday gorgeous! Have a lovely day... X

From Leanne:
Happy birthday smellski! I will probably grope you on friday night in celebration.

From Jeremy:
Happy birthday. Sheeeet.

From Cam:
Hi mel am I correct in thinking it is your birthday? If so happy birthday! Give me a call if you're not out partying. Cam

From Jordana:
Happy birthday miss mel! I will have to buy you a drink to celebrate at the party friday! x

From Dougie (received 16 August, 12:09am):
Happy birthday for 8 minutes ago!

I also received singing birthday phone calls from my dad (who gave up after the first "Happy birthday to you!"), from Penny ("Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh nuh! They say it's your birthday!") and from Natalya (who bravely got the entire "Happy birthday" song out, but with weird tempo shifts throughout. Natalya also made me a heart-shaped chocolate cake.

In addition, I received a gift from my hipster housemates. It is a framed illustration of a child with "Jesus" written on its face. This, I believe, is a homage to my "Jesus" brooch, which is currently decorating my new bag.

Now I am leaving the office to have cupcakes at Switchboard. Then I think I will do some op-shopping in Brunswick. Then tonight I am going to trivia at the East Brunswick Hotel, where we will kick Team Suppository Channel in the arse and win our third straight week, hopefully with some free jugs along the way.

Stay tuned for another post about things I would like to do during Mel's Birthday Week.

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