Thursday, August 10, 2006

My upcoming birthday -- a cavalcade of civilised foods and drinks. It is my birthday this coming Tuesday. Here are some photos I found by Google Image Searching "Mel's birthday".

I have realised sadly that I have left it too late to have a birthday party because all the suitable dates (Friday 11, Saturday 12, Friday 18, Saturday 19) are already booked out with other people's events and thus nobody would come to mine. However, I have decided to persist with the notion of Mel's Birthday Week. So I declare that Monday 14 August to Sunday 20 August shall be Mel's Birthday Week!

I shall detail in a subsequent post the places and events at which we may meet and celebrate my birthday. But right now I have to go and kick Centrelink in the proverbials for daring to cut me off the dole.

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