Friday, September 01, 2006

Hot Jesus! Last night Lefa asked if there are people out there who find "Jesus types" attractive. The reasons for her question have been lost in a fug of beer, but I thought it was at least worth a Google. There is actually a guy who looks like and identifies with Jesus who's looking for love in northern Virginia and the Washington DC area. He advises: "Prospective respondents should read 1 John 4:18. True to artistic depictions, I have a lean swimmer's body and a six-pack, and if you have sought your best in life you will also be in good shape ... Irish need not apply."

Why does Jesus hate the Irish? Isn't he meant to love his neighbour and turn the other cheek?

But that's not all. I decided to spice up your weekend by finding the hottest pics of Jesus available on this blessed internet... Ask yourself: Who would Jesus do?

Bedroom eyes, those bedroom eyes / I'm lost for words, I'm hypnotised... I love the sizzling rays of animal attraction around his head.

Phwoaaaar! Break me off a piece-a that!

Or perhaps LL Cool Jesus is more your thing.

This is if you prefer a more rugged, masculine Jesus.

Or maybe you're into a little bit of black velvet...

Of course you know how to love him, Mary! He's a man! He's just a man! And you've had so many men before, and in oh so many ways, he's just one more!

Could this be the Second Coming? Oh dear, if I believed in hell I'd be headed straight there after that.

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