Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This has been giving me great joy lately. Watch in awe as I position myself within the gendered and politicised matrix of blogging by posting a YouTube clip of a talking cat! There are several versions floating around, but I chose this one because it has subtitles of the most commonly agreed-upon 'meanings' of the cat's weird vocalisations.

This has been doing the rounds for ages, but I got back into it after seeing it on Tom's blog. I can't decide whether my favourite phrase is the absurd "Oh Don Piaaano" or the cranky "Why I eyes ya!" But unfortunately, this version doesn't have the funniest part, which is where the camera tracks back to reveal that the cat is 'talking' to another cat, which is just saying "miaow".

But I have a decidedly intertextual enjoyment of this clip. I showed it to my mother the other night and she got this horrified look on her face, saying, "It sounds like it's dying!" So for the rest of the evening I was randomly coming up to her and imitating the cat. It's a pleasure that plenty other people on the internet have. Makes me wonder about the nature of catchphrases, like that one that's everywhere at the moment of "I'm in ur location verbin ur n0unz". But I can't be bothering wanking on about that right now.

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