Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tickle Me Emo. Amanda and Alex came up with an idea that has really, ahem, tickled me. If you tickled him, he would say things like "I didn't ask to be born", "Nobody understands me" and "I'm sorry I'm not perfect". And if you tickled him while he was on a shelf with dozens of other Tickle Me Emos, he'd say "I feel so alone".

I would have added cut marks on his arms, but I thought that was un peu de trop.

But sadly, Tickle Me Emo is not a unique idea. Here's another blogger, Christafer's, take on it:

It's all over the web. It even has its own Urban Dictionary definition. According to these online sages, when you squeeze a Tickle Me Emo, he cries, sings a song about breaking up with his girlfriend, cuts himself and counts various ways to commit suicide.

And it's also the name of an emo site that's basically a glorified collection of ads. Can I just say, what a missed opportunity for the web designers? It is the least emo-looking webite ever. Where is the black with judicious touches of red and white? Where is the lurid background of mascara tears running down pale faces? At least there are links to LiveJournal.

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