Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I want your text. On Monday night I was in Readings and as I walked towards the door, I passed a young man who looked familiar. He raised his head expectantly to me as we crossed paths and I thought to myself, "Oh, I know him." I had a distinct mental picture of the way his eyes and mouth would crinkle as he smiled at me. And it dawned on me that it was Jonty! Jontyjonty! Whom I'd only met once, but had liked before I ever met him because as you all know, I am very deeply invested in jauntiness. And when I did meet him I liked him instantly because he was so friendly-looking.

After the satisfying revelation that it was Jonty, I went in search of food on Lygon Street, but all my favourite venues were overrun with middle-aged bourgies clearly on a 'night out', who barrelled rudely past me as I paused to see if there was room for a solitary person in there somewhere. Even the crappy fish and chip shop, whose burgers taste pretty ordinary but were still acceptable in the circumstances, had run out of its merely acceptable burgers. So I went to this Italian restaurant on Elgin Street that I'd never been to before, despite living around the corner for - goodness - a whole year now!
To: Jonty
13 Nov 2006 21:14
Hey, this is mel. Did i just see you in readings? I couldn't be sure but I thought I recognised your friendly eyes.

From: Jonty
13 Nov 2006 21:29
Yes! I was using my do you recognise me face and i thought maybe its not mel and by the time i had computed all of the above you had walked past oops

To: Jonty
13 Nov 2006 21:31
Next time i will recognise your do you recognise me face... Have a lovely evening!

From: Jonty
13 Nov 2006 21:42
I acknowledge that i am a terrible mel recogniser next time i will prove my reputation wrong cheers
This restaurant had a TV that was tuned to Music Max. It was the request program. While I ate lasagna that was way too salty and had obviously been reheated because it was cold in the middle, and drank a glass of comparatively delicious house red, I watched the various video clips.
To: Will Fop
13 Nov 2006 21:23
One good thing can be said of madonna: she has always had pale skin and not promoted unhealthy tanning.
One of the videos I was watching was Jon Bon Jovi's "Bed of Roses". For tonaaaaaagggght, ah sleep, on a behhhhhd, of nails! It was from that 90s era when he cut his hair and I suddenly realised, "Jon Bon Jovi's actually kinda attractive - does - not - compute..."
To: Reuben
13 Nov 2006 21:30
Seriously, what surname is cool enough to name an entire band after? Obviously apart from bon jovi.

From: Reuben
13 Nov 2006 21:31
Um, this is quite random. Is this a rhetorical question?

To: Reuben
13 Nov 2006 21:34
I really would like to hear some ideas. Imagine you're richie sambora and jon says, how about we call it after me. You'd be like '...'

To: Reuben
13 Nov 2006 21:37
Oh there's goldfrapp.

From: Reuben
13 Nov 2006 21:39
Well van halen is timeless... I can not see a band called Acciano, though... My year ten metal work teacher was called rudolph Wegwermer and my maths teacher was mrs bogensperger. Either of those is good...

To: Reuben
13 Nov 2006 21:41
What better name for a metal work teacher? You should totally name a band after him!

From: Reuben
13 Nov 2006 21:39
Bachmann turner overdrive...
The wine got tastier and tastier as the glass wore down. Have you noticed the way wine does that?
To: Penny, Tash, Leanne
13 Nov 2006 21:50
Right now i'm watching to video for robert palmer's addicted to love. And the model pretending to play drums is about as competent at it as i am.

From: Tash
13 Nov 2006 21:52

From: Penny
13 Nov 2006 21:57
That was a really great video clip brain
When I said that she was about as competent as me, I meant that she was incredibly incompetent. It made me feel much better about myself. Ever since it was decided that I was going to play the drums in the Is Not Magazine band, I have been watching every drummer in every live band I've seen since, trying to work out how the fuck they do it. And although I find it hard to shake the fantasy that I would sit down behind a kit and instinctively know how to drum, I am sure I am going to be incredibly shithouse.

If you watch this video, you'll notice that the drummer is not the only incompetent one. The keyboardist isn't even playing anything, the guitarist is kind of randomly strumming, and I don't even think I see the bassist's hands moving.

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