Thursday, January 11, 2007

Damn, I could do better than this. I remember sometimes I used to say to Eric, "If you need a cartoon for this issue, I can do it!" And he used to smile at me wryly as if this was a fine joke indeed. But evidently some random journo or sub at the Hez has made the same request because their cartoonist is on holidays. Only difference is, the Hez took them up on it. (Click to enlarge.)

Am I alone in thinking how lame this cartoon is? It looks like its author has collaged some MS Word printouts on top of a doodle they did while they were on the phone. And the grass and leaves in the left-hand frame are so absurdly shonky. The sentiment is also really lame. Surely the art of the editorial cartoon is to highlight some absurdity or irony in the events of the day. Whereas this is treacly anthropomorphism grafted onto the idea that summer is killing trees.

It's not as if I am a great genius in drawing cartoons. But seriously, it has to be a pretty crap cartoon when I think to myself "Damn, I could do better than this!"

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