Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pretty much any sentence sounds better with the phrase "in my pants". Hey guys, there's another Is Not Magazine party... in my pants. We have another issue of the magazine out soon, plus Corporate Love Day is coming up and we would like to maximise your chances of pants action so that you may, for instance, take a date to an inappropriately named restaurant, like my local Vietnamese joint.

Me and Tash (aka all-conquering DJ duo Plump'n'Rosie) will be playing our patented dancefloor-igniting mix of pop, R&B, Yacht Rock, Awesome Power Rock, and 80s film soundtrack songs. We are so hott that last time we played, someone kicked a hole in the dance floor. Plus I will be curating a special selection of pants-themed songs, spearheaded by 2 Live Crew's "Too Much Booty". You should totally come!

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