Monday, January 08, 2007

Unintentionally hilarious moments in art direction. I can't get over the poster they're using to advertise the new Supremes movie, Dreamgirls.

This isn't the exact poster they're using in Australia. The one I've been seeing around has the three actors' names at the top, then the silhouetted image of the three women below with the title along the bottom. So it's suggesting that this is some kind of Priscilla-esque Motown drag flick, with Jamie Foxx the woman on the left, Beyonce in the middle while Eddie Murphy is on the right. That would actually be an awesome movie.

It might seem dumb, like people ought to be sensible enough to realise that this is a film about a girl group and that the two male stars play different parts. But by contrast, here's another poster I found on the internet:

See - it actually has pictures of the actors named, directly under their names.

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