Monday, February 19, 2007

The good hipsters of the North. Here is a retarded theory that I have developed in consultation with Tash and Jeremy. This is about the places in Melbourne with a concentration of hip residents. I am no cultural geographer or demographer, and this is based on no research at all apart from my own observations, but my theory is that the younger generation of hipsters, the babies in their late teens and early twenties, are favouring North Melbourne (and its satellite West Melbourne). It's so hot right now! (Well, everywhere in Melbourne is so hot right now, especially my office, which traps the heat like a motherfucker.) My hipster housemates, who jumped ship back in December, moved into a place in North Melbourne. And that's also where you'll find 'tastemakers' like Lala and Thom. And I keep getting MySpazz bulletins inviting me to house parties in North Melbourne.

Whereas the older generation of hipsters, the ones in their late twenties and thirties, are favouring Northcote (and its satellite North Fitzroy). In my continued adventure with the internet, I am discovering that many of the 'rock' hipsters are Northcote peeps. Yet, Tash and I sat for an extended period in the window of a Rathdowne Street cafe and, apart from the extraordinary prevalence of gingers, we noticed these older hipster couples everywhere! Y'know, in their skinny low-riding jeans with the studded belts, with their enormous sunglasses and Che Guevara caps... We decided that North Carlton must be the hotspot for hipster couples.

Then Jeremy developed this theory further to suggest that North Carlton is the melting pot for the young hipsters from North Melbourne and the older hipsters from Northcote. It's a happy medium for them both when they hook up. And I said, "OMG WTF all these places begin with 'North'!" And he said, "Yeah, it just shows that North Carlton is superior to Carlton." Then I beat him twice in a row at Connect 4.

Yep. That's my retarded theory. Discuss.

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