Thursday, March 22, 2007

Men of today, part two. Y'know, this post was a bad idea. Yesterday I was full of optimism about my life; I had the tantalising feeling that new possibilities were opening for me, and that I was finally about to get out of the rut in which my close friends know I've been struggling. I had dinner one night this week with Jeremy and he told me, "I think it's gonna happen for you soon." Even my current friendship with Jeremy, which I cherish (Team America-style) because it has been so fraught in the past, seemed to me a sign that things would soon change for the better.

But I shouldn't have mentioned my personal life on here. I feel quite embarrassed to have become so comfortable with blogging that I would lay myself out quite so nakedly as I did with this post. In the comments I got hoary platitudes offered as if I'd never heard them before, nor applied them to my life so many times and with such a sense of personal failure. Now I feel crushed and humiliated as a professional and as a woman. The best thing to do is really to take that shit down.

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