Monday, March 05, 2007

Men of today. It has been well documented (mostly by me) that I am a retard at this sort of thing, but here are two situations upon which I would like your thoughts. Please don't spray a mouthful of coffee on your monitor; it's not like I'm developing a love life or anything. I'm just curious about certain behaviours of the men of today.

Situation one. The man is married. He is committed to his wife and you know he is not interested in you sexually. You are not particularly interested in him in that way, either. Yet he solicits your friendship in the flirtatious sort of way that you have become used to identifying as courtship. That's precisely it, actually - he is courting you! He tells you that you are wonderful; he is looking forward to his and your first date; his body language is flirtatious; he signs emails with long strings of Xs and Os.

Do you think this man is a genius for extending such chivalrous charm into social interactions? Do you luxuriate in it? Do you think he is being manipulative? Most of all, do you think he behaves like this with 'all the girls'?

Situation two. You were drunk this one time and you groped a man's boobs. Now this man will not let you forget it. Pretty much every time you see him, he manages to bring it up somehow. And then you're out on Friday and you're hugging people goodbye, and he says, "Aren't you going to feel me up?" So you do. Not the boobs though, for you are not so drunk this time.

This man is trying to humiliate you, isn't he? Would it be remiss to say to him, "Listen, unless you actually want to fuck me, just never mention this again, okay?" Or should you graciously endure his continuing mockery?

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