Saturday, July 14, 2007

Plus none. As I write, there is a free double movie pass sitting next to my computer. We were giving them away for the Friendly Society and there were some extras for us. The pass is only valid for this weekend and I am planning to go with one of my friends. But looking at it makes me wish I could use it to go on a date with some guy.

I love my friends and it's great that my work gives me regular chances to do fun things with them - movies, gigs, premieres, launches, etc etc. And I love being asked to events as a friend's plus-one. But I do kind of wish I had someone to be my plus-one in general, as well as for an event. I feel a little sad at missing out on the flirtation and sexual tension that going on a date implies.

What's the alternative? I feel like a loser when I go to the thing and see my name on the media list with "+1" written next to it and as the door chick crosses it off she looks expectantly for my partner and I go, faux-cheerily, "Just me, I'm afraid." Jeremy says I should use the plus-ones as opportunities to ask people out. But what if I did bring some guy I had my eye on, but he was more into the prospect of free liquor and scopin' for babes than he was into me?

I don't know; the last guy I summoned the threadbare courage to ask out agreed to the date, but only after he had run my request past his "insecure" girlfriend, who was okay with it on the condition it involved "no funny business". This called for many sessions of lying face down on my bed and listening to Interpol. Even though Interpol now have a new album out (which the hipster media don't care for but I think is great), I am in no hurry to get humiliated by asking someone else out.

Is this a lame post? Ah, fuck it; any regular reader of this blog will realise instantly the sort of lame individual they are dealing with. I should pwn my lameness.

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