Saturday, August 04, 2007

A genealogy of penile-themed spam. Back in the day, you used to get spam promising to increase the length and girth of your cock. Not owning one, I found this sales pitch especially riveting.
You will be absolutely amazed when you see your penis gradually becoming LARGER and LARGER, right before your eyes! NOTHING compares to the feeling of having a larger penis. We recommend you to take two tablets once a day, after a meal. No, MegaDik Pills do not cause any known adverse side effects.
But I was always amused by their emotionally manipulative tactics - rather than wanting an enormous cock for your own edification, it was always, "Don't you want to satisfy your woman?"
Girls lie when they say "size doesn’t matter" that’s just to make us feel better, The truth is they want their partner to have a huge one, and they will keep searching until they find it! Now you can be that big man with the new improved and doctor recommended enlargement pills, click here to get your supply before they sell out!
Then they started to promise that you would last really long. Like, after buying whatever it was, you would just fuck for many hours. Again, this would please your woman (though possibly not after many hours). But now, I am beginning to notice that they are promising large volumes of semen. Behold!
Boytoys always whizgiggled at me and even fellows did in the public toilet! Well, now I smil at them, because I took M_E_G. ADI. K for 7 months and now my peter is much weightier than federal.

Achieve the feeling of complete ecstasy while having ball blowing orgasms. This is an experience like no other!

Wondercum consist of two sets of herbs, one set helps testes to product more sperms with improved quality and the other set of herbs makes you calm and relieve stress, a prerequisite for desire and arousal.
What is so good about more semen? It makes sense within the visual language of porn, but for the ordinary person it would seem more inconvenient than anything else.

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