Saturday, February 02, 2008

And now, let's crack a beer because it is time for some gratuitous Angus Sampson blogging. Angus Sampson is my chief Australian celebrity crush. I really enjoy the way he speaks: there's a certain droll gravity to it. I also like his facial hair and his general way of appearing alternately really ugly and extremely attractive. The man cannot do any wrong in my book - I just about swooned when I heard that he indulged in a spot of freestyle rhyming at the IF Awards after party.

There is a really nice photo of him in Beat this week, as he is starring in a play called Shadow Boxing. But I cannot find that photo anywhere online.

I found this photo on a website which brilliantly summarises Angus's career:
ANGUS SAMPSON - Angus was Dylan Lewis' silent sidekick The Enforcer on Recovery for many years, before being recognised for his lame Snack Stop advertisements. He then starred in a string of unremarkable tv shows, before rising to fame on Thank God You're Here, where he played himself. With a deep raspy voice, dry sense of humour and lips like a male Angelina, Angus is not for sharing with you Poms.
Damn straight he's not! Also, I like this WikiAnswers page.

When I discovered that Angus would be making an appearance at Meredith last year, I was pretty excited. (I believe my email to Natalie referred to "Angus 'Mel's future husband' Sampson".) Tash and I had a friendly rivalry over who would pash him first. As it turned out neither of us did, because in an extremely farcical development, we decided randomly to ride the Meredith Eye ferris wheel shortly before Angus appeared on stage. So we could only hear his dulcet tones advising people when the bus to Geelong was leaving, while we were trapped high in the air in a metal cage.

In case you cannot tell, I now have the internet at home and a bold new era of extremely trivial and facetious blogging is about to commence.

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