Sunday, February 24, 2008

Page Six Girl: a letter I just wrote to the editor of The Age.

Dear Sir,

Judging from Justin McManus's photograph on page six of The Age on Saturday February 23 ("Four sommeliers walk into a bar..."), it's easy for women to avoid being "wine wankers". They just need to get their tits out.

Nowhere in this story does writer Daniella Miletic explain why sommelier Paula Scholes feels the need to remove most of her clothing (save for an odd piece of towel-like drapery) in order to demystify wine appreciation.

Nor does the story suggest, as the photo caption and the awkward, overlong headline do, that the "food and wine festival performance" being "rehearsed" by Ms Scholes and her three male colleagues will involve her stripping off while they openly ogle and titter (excuse my pun) at her breasts.

Apart from being offensive, it's also just plain unimaginative. I realise that women's breasts are pretty awesome but surely photographers and journalists with actual talent could make this story interesting without belittling its subject's expertise and professional standing.

Yours boobiliciously,

Melissa Campbell, Carlton.

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