Sunday, March 02, 2008

Half-baked blog post ideas. Lately I have found myself busy on every night of the week, so that I never have time to sit down and blog indulgently about the things that take my fancy. Here is a shortened version of some of my hare-brained schemes:

Cooking With Kottke. I noticed that Jason Kottke was Twittering: "A beer bottle cap is a really fantastic impromptu parmesan cheese grater. No kidding!" (Yes, I am following Kottke on Twitter. Geek sigh.) But how cool, albeit in an extremely nerdy way, would it be to have some webcast "Cooking With Kottke" show. Because let's face it, nerds cream themselves over everything that dude does. And Coolio has his own cooking show, spearheading the trend for celebrities whose names have a c-sound to demand their own shows.

Also, that parmesan hint is pretty cool. I have always loved that Women's Weekly Home Hints page where they invent insane new uses for common household products. If they could nerd that shit up, I reckon people would really go for it.

Child Chefs, aka Kids Menu I already discussed this on Facebook, but basically this would be a catering company or restaurant in which children (or midgets masquerading as children) prepare the food. And they would prepare the kind of foods that kids can cook, such as spaghetti bolognese or boiled eggs with soldiers. The logistics of this would probably be prohibitive, though.

I have been thinking about this some more and I think even more awesome would be a restaurant that serves only the sort of foods found on kids' menus in restaurants. You know, the ones that have the yummy foods but as an adult you are not allowed to order from there? This restaurant would serve the abovementioned dishes, and also: chicken nuggets, party pies, fairy bread... actually, come to think of it, it should just be a Kids' Birthday Party themed restaurant. Hipsters would love to hold their birthday parties there, because nothing is so piquant to hipsters as the combination of childhood nostalgia and teenage debauchery. Agghhhh, I hate myself for even coming up with this idea.

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