Monday, May 26, 2008

Yaaaaaaay! When you were a kid and were given some good news, for instance that you could go to McDonalds, get an ice-cream, watch the Sunday night movie on TV (but only until the first ad break) or your friend was allowed over to play, did you ever shout, "Yaaaaaaaay!"

I was thinking about this yesterday while watching Terminator 2. There's a scene where Miles Dyson is being admonished by his wife that he spends more time working on his neural network software (soon to become Skynet) than with his kids. Miles feels bad and decides to take the kids to some theme park after all. When the kids learn this, they instantly chorus, "Yaaaaaaaaay!"

It rang true for me and yet was also deeply ridiculous. I asked the others if they used to say "yay" as kids, and they all denied it. But I'm sure I must have said it.

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