Sunday, June 15, 2008

Aching. I woke up this morning with an ache in my left shoulder. Even as I lay in bed I could feel it. My left bicep also aches, and so does the joint of my left index finger closest to my hand. I don't know if I slept oddly or if there is something else wrong.

In other news, I mistakenly bought footless 'hipster' tights when I meant to buy normal tights with feet and a waist that doesn't spontaneously roll down in a tight, uncomfortable roll. My thinking has moved on since the last time I mused on hosiery - probably because I am so much fatter now and wear looser clothes, so the waist bisection is not so visible. I actually think I get a sleeker outline when I wear the tights on the waist. The other thing I do is wear them really low on the hips so whatever skirt or dress I am wearing will glide right over the line of the tights.

Hipster tights are one of those stoopid, unnecessary inventions created by marketers to fulfil non-existent needs. Hosiery is full of unnecessary innovations. (Another similar industry is feminine hygiene products.) If you don't like the feeling of tights around your waist, just wear normal fucking tights on your hips - there's no need for 'special' tights, particularly when they are so uncomfortable. The other thing that pisses me off is the bounty of footless tights on the market at the moment compared to the paucity of proper tights. You can get so many colours, patterns and textures, but NONE OF THEM WITH GODDAMN FEET.

In general, I am in despair about clothes, and wish that I could get around in shapeless crazy sacks so that I would never have to feel uncomfortable in my body.

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