Sunday, June 22, 2008

Melbourne has town cars, apparently. Last night I was waiting for a taxi on Swan Street when a small white car pulled up beside me. My first thought was that I was inadvertently standing in a parking space this car wanted, but then the driver rolled down the window and started waving a laminated sign at me. I was too drunk, tired and upset to take much notice of what the sign said, but the upshot was that this was a private taxi.

London might have its minicabs and New York its town cars, but in Melbourne I can't help but think that if I got into a strange car on the street I would be well on my way to getting mugged, raped, murdered, etc. Is this a provincial attitude? Perhaps with petrol so expensive and taxi fares rising, a private taxi industry is indeed beginning to thrive here. There are already plenty of lift-sharing websites operating here (I've seen them advertised on Facebook) and has been registered and parked...

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