Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Communication detritus. I just found a draft text message in my phone - who knows from when. It says: "I just saw a dude wearing a t-shirt that said 'fat peple are hard to kidnap'!"

Also, here are the subject lines of some emails I have sent to Jeremy in recent months. Gmail auto-completes the subject line, which is why I see them.

youtube: Barack-rolled
youtube: Feist on Sesame Street
youtube: Honk fail
youtube: I seen Beyoncé at Burger King
youtube: It's A Knockout from 1985
youtube: World cup-stacking record
youtube: Best Warner Bros cartoon evz: Three Little Bops
youtube: Celine Dion and Anastacia sing 'You Shook Me All Night Long'
youtube: Gloria the ho
youtube: how to sing puppies to sleep
youtube: jerk it
youtube: kylie cracks the shits at stupid radio questions
youtube: levi's ad - dudes backflip into their jeans
youtube: parody of Christian the lion, with Bigfoot
youtube: particle physics rap
youtube: regular everyday normal guy rap
youtube: rondo alla turca played on four phones
youtube: spaghetti cat - the new rick roll!!!
youtube: terrible R&B song "Why Must I Cry"
youtube: the science of getting hit in the nads
youtube: this is why Britney lip-syncs
youtube: welcome to my study

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