Sunday, October 05, 2008

Brewster's latest break for freedom. It would seem that Brewster is the cat world's answer to Steve McQueen. He has now managed to escape from two different houses in the inner north. Last August, power poles around North Carlton were plastered with these pathos-filled posters:

As I commented at the time, he couldn't have got far with weird eyes like that. But it wasn't just the boggly eyes I was drawn to on this poster; there's a wacky quality to his silhouette, like Brewster was imperfectly clipped from another photo. I also liked the way it was addressed to the missing cat himself, as though he could read or something.

I sometimes wondered whether Brewster came home, but evidently he did because just earlier tonight I was at the corner of Lygon and Albion Streets, Brunswick, where the power poles were plastered with nearly identical posters. This time Brewster has escaped from Stewart Street, so his hapless owners have clearly moved and he's up to his old tricks again.

This makes me wonder about what I'd thought was an endearing entreaty for Brewster to "please come home". I mean, how many times has this cat gone AWOL? Do you think perhaps he is deliberately trying to escape? If so, what could he be trying to escape from? It gives the owner's protestations of "missing him very much" a decidedly sinister edge. And no wonder he's described as "friendly" - perhaps he's silently begging everyone he meets to take him far, far away from here!

Or perhaps Brewster is actually a madcap animal - hence the boggly eyes - and his repeatedly going missing is a sign of feline insanity. Perhaps it is even a hilarious jape he likes to pull on his owners. I wonder what other practical jokes he favours: perhaps Mouse Head Under Doona or Poo In Washing Machine.

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