Thursday, November 27, 2008

New in Freelance Food. I am glad to report that Freelance Food is becoming more complex and gore-mett than stuff on toast. Here are my two latest menu items:

Fried Rice

Leftover takeaway steamed rice (awesome, because it excuses you for buying takeaway)
Vegetables: eg, broccoli, capsicum, onion, carrot, bok choy, etc.
Egg, if you have it
Minced chilli and garlic
Chinese sausage or whatever you have (bacon, chorizo, Oz sausage)

Cook chilli and garlic in pan with oil. Add chopped-up vegetables and/or meat. Add cold rice and stir through until coated in oil and other ingredients are mixed through. Make a hole in the middle and crack the egg in. As it cooks, continue to stir so that the egg is mixed through the other ingredients. Add soy sauce/oyster sauce/chilli sauce to taste. Consider yourself an awesome Chinese chef!

Today's lunch is inspired by the most awesome sandwich shop I've ever eaten at, The Olive in the Strand Arcade in Sydney. I read about it by accident last year in a "Best Sandwich In Town" listicle in the {sydney} magazine and decided to try it. Oh my god. Italian meatballs in tomato sauce, ladled out of a pot and put in a sandwich with some other things, and then these crispy slices of fried zucchini. It was SO GOOD! If you ever want to go there, don't do it at lunchtime because there are queues out the door.

Meatball Sandwich

1 frozen sausage (I buy gourmet sausages, wrap them individually and freeze them)
minced garlic
tomato paste
canned diced tomatoes
leftover red wine
dried basil and oregano
salt and pepper
2 large slices bread (I used light rye bread)
cheddar cheese

Par-defrost the sausage in the microwave so it is thawed but still firm. Chop into 1cm medallions. If sausage meat starts to squeeze out of skin, make it into little meatballs with your fingers. Heat the garlic and mustard in oil until they become aromatic. Add sausage medallions and fry. Add tomato paste, canned tomatoes and wine. Add basil and oregano, salt and pepper to taste. Cook sauce until it reduces to a thick, rich consistency. Leave to cool slightly, then spoon onto one slice of bread. Top with sliced cheese, then lettuce, then other slice of bread. Eat!!

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